In “growth”, the PQ wants to tackle the illiteracy of Quebecers



Up slightly in the polls, the leader of the Parti Québécois countsstay humble and promises to fight illiteracy in Quebec. He undertakes to set in motion a project so that Quebecers improve their general skills in the language of Molière.

“We must write and read French better, communicate better in French, at all levels,” said the PQ leader, during a press briefing in Tadoussac.&nbsp ;

If elected, the PQ wants to launch a major project to “improve the skills of Quebecers in French writing, reading and communication”. 

It even wants to offer financial compensation to people who will decide to engage in a literacy process. 

The objective of the sovereignist formation is to lower the illiteracy rate by 50% by 2030. 

The political party affirms that recent statistics show that 19% of Quebecers aged 16 to 65 are illiterate and that 34.3% have great difficulty reading. 

“We think we can reduce illiteracy, which is around 19%, to 10% if there is a concerted effort at a young age. Speech therapists, all the people who can help our young people when it matters most,” said PSPP.

“In high school, having grades based on the quality of French to really make it a priority. And among adults, budgets must be increased so that there are people who feel comfortable going back to school, to end illiteracy.” 

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  • Stay humble

    According to the latest Léger poll published this morning in Le Journal, the Parti Québécois obtains 13% of voting intentions in Quebec. Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon intends to remain “humble” and reiterates his wish to see the separatists return to the fold. 

    “We will not change our campaign one inch, which we are pleased to lead,” he said, again inviting the separatists to come home. “The door of the separatists is wide open.” 

    On Sunday, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon affirmed that the party was growing, that he felt it in the figures and the donations. Official figures seem to confirm the trend.  

    “We are running the campaign we wanted to run, an authentic campaign on the issues that are essential for the future,” he said. simply mentioned in reaction to the poll. 

    “We remain humble.” 

    Two weeks before the election, 21% of voters believe that the PQ leader would make the best leader of the official opposition. Up sharply, it now ranks second in this category, behind Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, of Québec solidaire, who is at 28%.