In honor of independence Day USCIS conducts naturalization ceremonies across the country

Service citizenship and US immigration services (USCIS) gives priority to naturalization ceremonies during a pandemic COVID-19, stated on the official website of the Agency.

В честь Дня независимости USCIS проводит церемонии натурализации по всей стране

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“Service, citizenship and immigration United States celebrates the Declaration of independence and the birth of our great country, organizing the naturalization ceremony in the United States from 1 to 7 July. Despite this pandemic, the USCIS continues to accept new citizens, showing us stability and importance of our independence”, — stated on the website.

USCIS has begun to conduct limited naturalisation ceremony in may and the beginning of the regenerating ceremony in early June, after a temporary suspension of provision of personal services against the background of the pandemic COVID-19. The ceremony was short, to limit the possible impact of the virus on the audience, we used a rule of social distance and other safety measures. USCIS naturalized about 64 500 new citizens in the last month and plans to complete almost all transferred administrative the naturalization ceremony by the end of July.

“Taking the oath of allegiance and naturalization the United States is a remarkable act of patriotism. Today we are a stronger nation because of those who choose to become naturalized citizens, — said the Deputy Director of USCIS policy Joseph Edlow. — I am proud of USCIS employees who have worked hard to ensure our Agency can conduct safe, meaningful ceremony of naturalization in these difficult times.”

USCIS seeks to promote assimilation, awareness and understanding of citizenship, offering a variety of free resources for preparation for naturalization, for applicants and teachers in the resource Center on citizenship. Organizations serving immigrants can sign up for this free tool Civics and Citizenship Toolkit, to help lawful permanent residents prepare for naturalization.

USCIS continues to encourage applicants to submit the online form N-400 “Application for naturalization”. To apply online, you first need to create an account on USCIS

“Naturalization is the most important benefit that USCIS offers. Immigrants legally join our country through naturalization, to Express their commitment to our Constitution and the desire to assimilate into our society,” — said on the Agency’s website.

New citizens, their families and friends are invited to share their experiences and photos from the ceremonies on social networks using the hashtags #newUScitizen and #IndependenceDay.



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