In Houston arrested the Greenpeace activists staged on a bridge over the navigable channel (PHOTO)

В Хьюстоне арестованы активисты Greenpeace, устроившие акцию на мосту через судоходный канал (ФОТО)

Activists of Greenpeace staged on the bridge over the shipping channel in Houston, was arrested, reports TASS with reference to the newspaper the Houston Chronicle.

About a dozen people descended on ropes from the bridge Fred Hartman Bridge and unfurled colorful banners within the campaign aims to attract the attention of the participants held in Houston televised debate of candidates for nomination as a candidate of the US Democratic party in the elections of 2020, the problems of environmental protection.

As the result, the canal traffic was suspended, reported to the office of the local Sheriff.

The Sheriff of Houston ed Gonzalez told the newspaper that the staff of the rescue service picked up all the protesters on the bridge, after which he was arrested. The representative of Greenpeace Valentine Steckl reported that those arrested will soon be charged.

Bridge Fred Hartman Bridge stretching over 4 km, one of the longest suspension bridges in Texas. It was built over the canal, where oil tankers go from the port of Houston to the Gulf of Mexico. In March 2014, the collision of two ships in the channel was about 700 tons of oil.