In Illinois a state of lockdown because of the coronavirus: what does this mean for residents

Illinois Governor George. B. Pritzker issued a decree calling on state residents to stay home. The aim is the termination of distribution of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV. It operates across the state, reports NBC.

В Иллинойсе введен режим изоляции из-за коронавируса: что это значит для жителей

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The decree will enter into force on 21 March at 17: 00 and will run until 7 April. Also in the state before this date will be closed schools.

“We know that it will be difficult, and we are looking for any ways to overcome the crisis,” said Pritzker.

In addition, the Governor has ordered municipalities to stop all evictions and sent additional resources to help homeless people. The school district will continue to cater to the needy students.

All the parks and libraries will be closed until the expiration of the decree.

“I want to clarify: this is not a blockade and the military situation, — said the mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot. — Absolutely no need to change your usual habits. Grocery stores will work and equipped with everything necessary. So please remember your neighbours and do not buy goods beyond what is necessary. Think of the current state of Affairs as the new norm.”

In fact, the decree will close “non-essential” businesses that can still be opened. It defines who is considered “essential employee”, for example, that officials, vendors at grocery stores, pharmacists, health workers, providers of services for care of children, media.

In the Western part of Chicago, in the suburban village of oak Park, on Friday, March 20, also entered into force a decree to stay home. Therefore, the mayor and public health officials trying to stop the spread of the deadly virus. The order is valid from 20th March 00:01 to 3 APR 23:59.

“All the people who currently reside in oak Park, ordered to remain at the place of residence, — said in the order. — If you are indoors or outdoors, they should always, as far as possible, maintain distance of not less than six feet (1.8 meters) from any other person, when they are outside their place of residence”.

In Illinois, earlier it was reported five deaths among the more than 580 cases with a confirmed diagnosis COVID-19, which is increasing daily.

Although in the US there was no decree in force across the country, the decree of Illinois similar to those protective measures that apply throughout the world.

In France, officials have imposed restrictions on the movement of residents, allowing them to leave the house to buy food, walk to work or carry out other important tasks.

The Swiss government has declared a state of emergency, ordering the closure of shops, restaurants, bars and other facilities. Measures do not apply to health care workers, as well as supermarkets, but entertainment will be closed until April 19.

Italy and Spain issued similar decrees.

In Spain, people are allowed to leave their homes except to buy food and medicines, to drive to work, walk to hospitals, banks or travel related to caring for children and elderly people. All schools and universities were closed, along with restaurants, bars, hotels and other minor retailers.

As reported ForumDaily:

  • Governor of California Gavin Newsom issued a decree that all the 40 million residents of the state have to stay home because of the growing epidemic of coronavirus.
  • The order was issued late on Thursday evening, March 19, he encourages people to stay in their homes, unless necessary for important trips.
  • The decree follows similar restrictions introduced earlier this week in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Californians can still go for a walk with the kids, not forgetting the required distance (2 m) in relation to other people. Also people can still walk their dogs.
  • Among the important visits included a trip to the grocery store, gas station, farmers markets, food banks, convenience stores, banks and Laundry machines.