In Illinois immigrants held a ‘freedom March’, demanding changes in the rules on the issuing of green cards

In a day when most Americans celebrated the Independence Day of the United States, many immigrants in Springfield (Il) staged a “freedom March” and requested the green cards. This writes NewsChannel20.

В Иллинойсе иммигранты провели 'Марш свободы', требуя изменений в правилах выдачи грин-карт

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Saturday, July 4, immigrants organized a “March of freedom”, whose main objective was to coerce Senator dick Derbin to help make the bill according to which the obtaining green cards based on employment will be according to the “first come, first received”.

The organization “Immigration voice” shared his opinion on why it should be a Law about justice to the highly skilled immigrants to remove the current limit of 7% for each country on working visas.

“We are not outside of this country, we are people who live in this country with our families for decades, and the only reason we’re not Americans, is that there are these discriminatory state restrictions on obtaining visas for recruitment,” — said the representative of the organization.

Seventeen Sruti the Singaraja said that immigrants, like her, are living in uncertainty because of long wait to obtain a work permit, which can take decades, and the potential to be sent home after she moves out of his parents ‘ house.

“I can call this country their home, but in the eyes of all the people who view my documents, and almost all official organizations, I actually separated from this country, even if I am in it, and it’s really sad and a little scary,” said Sruti Singaraja.

The last public statement by Senator dick Derbin the Law on highly qualified immigrants was in December 2019, when he spoke to Congress about the needs of immigrant families.

“I do not believe that we can do it at this very moment, but we hope to do it very quickly. The reason is obvious — these families do have difficulties and problems that no family should face. And the sooner we decide the better,” said dick Durbin.

At the moment, the Law on highly qualified immigrants already passed the House of representatives but not the Senate.




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