In Illinois, the mayor ordered the police to arrest the violators of the quarantine: among them was his wife

The mayor of the city of Alton (Il) Brant Walker asked residents to stay home. After the officers reported that people continue to ignore the rules, the mayor said he has ordered city police Department in its sole discretion to arrest the offenders. This writes CNN.

В Иллинойсе мэр города приказал полиции арестовывать нарушителей карантина: среди них оказалась его жена

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“These are very serious times, and I beg you to stay home,” said Brant Walker.

Less than 48 hours the police dispersed a gathering in the bar “Hiram” in the center of the city. Among those present were the wife of a Walker.

Walker said that the police conducted an investigation and stopped a public meeting in violation of the order in Illinois about 01:00 on Sunday 5 March. He said the police also told him that his wife was there.

“I have instructed the chief of police to treat her the same as any citizen who violates an order for isolation, and to ensure that it is not treated special,” — said in a statement, Walker.

The procedure of isolation in Illinois prohibits any public and private collections of any number of people outside the same household or residential units. In a press release police Department Altona received a few complaints that the bar continues to work on the weekends.

Officers did not find unauthorized activity until March 5, when “several people were in the bar in the area outside of public view, obviously ignoring the order and requests the observance of quarantine,” — said in the message.

Police Altona confirmed that all offenders were charged for the reckless behavior of the charged crime of class A, punishable by up to 364 days in jail and/or a fine of $2,500.

The mayor stated that he was embarrassed by the actions of his wife.

“My wife is an adult, able to make their own decisions, and in this case she was a tremendous lack of judgment, said Walker. Now she faced the same consequences of his rash decisions, and that other persons who choose to disrupt the order of isolation during this incident.”

“I’m embarrassed by this incident and apologize to the citizens of Alton for all that this incident can cause in our city,” he added.




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