In Illinois Walmart has lost $10 million because of the draw of teenagers about the coronavirus

According to local police, two Teens were charged after a prank “coronavirus”, which they played in Walmart in Joliet (Illinois), USA Today reports.

В Иллинойсе Walmart потерял $10 тысяч из-за розыгрыша подростков о коронавирусе

Photo: Depositphotos

19 year old Tyler D. Wallace entered the Walmart with the inscription on the back “Caution, I’m infected with the coronavirus”. According to police, Wallace was wearing a yellow medical mask and started spraying it on goods.

Wallace surrendered to police on Thursday, February 6, and was charged with disorderly conduct, theft and criminal trespass to property.

17-year-old guy who was in the store with Wallace, were also arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and criminal trespass to property.

“Looks like the joke has gone too far,” commented police Sergeant Chris Botzum.

The prank about the coronavirus appeared in other places. Earlier this week, canadian passengers flying WestJet airlines flight from Toronto to Jamaica, was charged with disorderly conduct due to the fact that he announced that he was sick with coronavirus. But really he was healthy.

According to police, Walmart estimates the property damage at more than $7 300, and the cost of cleaning products — another $2,400.

According to data collected by Johns Hopkins University as of February 8, 724, which was infected with the novel coronavirus, had died. 2076 people have fully recovered. Only 34 recorded 887 cases of infection worldwide.

Two patients with the coronavirus, who were treated in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, in the area of Hoffman estates, was released from AMITA Health St and sent to home quarantine.

The first patient in Illinois, sixty-year-old woman was hospitalized after confirmation of diagnosis, January 13, on returning from the epicenter of the outbreak — Wuhan (China). After her husband also contracted the virus that became the first case of transmission of coronavirus from person to person in the USA.