[IN IMAGES] Maroon 5 at the FEQ: “Can we come back here every year?”

[EN IMAGES] Maroon 5 at the FEQ: “Can we come back here every year ?”


Do you want to hear only hits on the Plains of Abraham? Maroon 5 got the message right. Faced with a cheerful crowd who asked for nothing better, Adam Levine's band led an intense pop party where dark plays were prohibited last night on the Plains of Abraham.  

Like the day before during the event visit of country singer Luke Combs, the Plains were filled for this rare visit to Quebec, and the first at the Festival d'été, by Maroon 5. 

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We were treated to an avalanche of hits. There were twenty songs on the program, and all of them, without exception, have been radio hits and have frequented the heights of the charts over the two decades spanning the Californian band's prolific career. 

With so much ammunition, Maroon 5 was able to afford to detonate a first bomb as soon as it entered the stage, the irresistible Moves Like Jagger. Guaranteed rallying effect or money back. 

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From then on, the hits followed one another at a frantic pace. From This Love, we went to Stereo Hearts, then to One More Night and Animals and so on for 90 minutes. A rolling fire.

Timeouts were outcasts, except for a short acoustic segment where the Plains, illuminated by tens of thousands of cell phones, shone brightly in a beautiful moment of communion on Payphone

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King of collaborations, the group had also summoned, through a pre-recorded video sequence, rappers Future and Cardi B during Cold and Girls Like You.&nbsp ;

Levine on fire 

Dressed like a guy fresh out of lockdown, Adam Levine had energy to spare and played his role as a crowd leader to perfection. 

He was on fire. Better, he seemed to trip his life. Was this the same guy whose Super Bowl halftime performance got mixed reviews? unleashed during Cold. If they were more discreet, the other members of the group provided brilliantly. A few guitar solos even gave an unexpected rock touch to the band's performance. 

“Can we come back here every f… year? went so far as to ask Adam Levine, a request that only further galvanized the crowd. 

He had to be serious since he repeated his request two more times during the encore, specifying that when he returns next year, he would like to have a platform in the middle of the floor to allow him to meet the fans. 

“I don't want to be on stage, I want to be in the crowd,” he said, before concluding with a festive Sugar.&nbsp ;

Emotive Alicia Moffet 

She is on stage like on Instagram: an open book that shares everything she feels and experiences.  

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Expected by several loyal admirers, Alicia Moffet had the emotions raw, yesterday, in the first part of Maroon 5. “It takes me all my little change not to cry,” she confided. 

She will have had the merit of managing her emotions well since there is frankly nothing to complain about in her performance. Vocally, she has shown that she can push the note. His sensitive interpretation of Strangers was an eloquent demonstration of this. 

Even if its pop influenced by R&B and soul goes well on stage, the addition of some more danceable titles, in the style of Open Your Mind, would be an additional asset in the game of this artist that we will follow closely. 

Gayle: everything to be loved 

The Texan Gayle is only 18 years old, but already has a sense of showmanship that eludes artists who have been rolling their bumps for decades. 

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Armed with her guitar and a beefy forehead, she planted herself in front of the tens of thousands of people waiting for Maroon 5 and threw her muscular pop songs, which speak of teenage love troubles, with an astonishing punk energy. . 

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After the third piece, Ur Just Horny, she was already out of breath. It must be said that a song earlier, she had started running from one side to the other of the stage for no apparent reason. 

Nothing to harm her cause, Gayle even had the delicacy to wrap herself in a Quebec flag along the way. 

At the end, when she unsheathed the incendiary ABCDEFU, the title that made him known via TikTok, everyone was singing and dancing. The Plains had succumbed. 

Dizzy: Hooray for the vino 

On Friday, Luke Combs stirred up the crowd with a few beers. Last night, singer Katie Munshaw, of Ontario band Dizzy, responsible for kicking off the pop night, got the same kind of enthusiastic reaction when she slurped the contents of a goblet of red wine. 

< p>Unlike the country star, it was the only time the audience got excited during a performance that was actually monotonous. Strong enough to win him a Juno, the one given to the alternative album of the year in 2019, Dizzy's dreamy pop, as delivered on the boards, lacked punch. 

At least , there was the vino.