In Indonesia, thousands held prayers for rain

В Индонезии проходят многотысячные молитвы о дожде

In the country and neighboring countries plagued large-scale forest fires

Wednesday, September 11, in Indonesia held mass prayers for rain because of the massive fires raging on the island of Sumatra and the neighboring island state of Kalimantan. About it reports Reuters.

Fires continue on the Islands for more than a month, and the government sent to the disaster about 9 thousand military, police and rescue workers. Also neighboring Indonesia States were exposed to suffocating smog, which was caused by forest fires. Often, local farmers themselves starting fires to clear land for palm oil plantations and pulp.

Indonesia denies this information and in confirmation of his words, says that fires have been detected also in several neighbouring countries.

In some parts of South-East Asia, recent months have been unusually dry, including in Indonesia. So, due to the weather conditions due to El niño, has dropped very little precipitation.

On Wednesday, some communities began to pray, hoping to end the drought and fires. Thousands of people in Pekanbaru, the provincial capital of Sumatra in Indonesia held a mass prayer for rain at the building of the Governor.

“We’re doing everything we can, now we pray to Allah for rain,” – said the Deputy Governor of the province Edie Nasution.

Similar prayers were also held in Kalimantan, where smog has closed schools. Mosques in Malaysia are also conducting prayers for the Doge.

As of September 11, in six Indonesian provinces were discovered 5 062 hearth.