In Iran without any explanation arrested anthropologist with dual citizenship – second in recent months (PHOTO)


В Иране без объяснения причин арестовали антрополога с двойным гражданством - второго за последние месяцы (ФОТО)

In Iran without any explanation arrested British-Iranian anthropologist, a native of Kurdistan Kamil Ahmadi. His wife, a political scientist Shafag Rahmani told the BBC that the security services took the scientist from his home in Tehran on 11 August, and seized his passport and other documents, and also searched his car.

According to Rahmani, the query about the status of her husband and the charges against him remained unanswered. It is known only that the anthropologist was arrested for a month and placed in the difficult conditions of detention Evin prison, where political prisoners are imprisoned. The Prosecutor’s office has informed that is investigating the activities of Ahmadis in Iran, and at the end of investigations he will be charged, writes

In conversation with Radio Farda wife of the arrested said that the charges relate to the activities of the Ahmadis. Which body ordered the seizure is unknown. She added that a scientist 25 years ago received British citizenship, but the last 15 years living in Iran. The authorities of the Islamic Republic does not recognize dual citizenship, and the number of detained foreigners is not known. The authorities of Iran and Britain has not yet given official comments on the arrest of the Ahmadis.

Anthropologist, among other things, investigated the cases of female circumcision and child marriage in Iran. Prior to the publication in 2015 of the work on the first issue, which went 4 interview, Iran was not known as a state where female genital mutilation genitals are massive. Recent studies Ahmadi was dedicated to the Iranian LGBT community and ethnicity. According to LinkedIn, Ahmadi graduated from several prestigious British universities, including London school of Economics and political science.

Radio Farda notes that in recent years, several Americans and people with dual nationality were in prison in Iran on charges of espionage, while the authorities did not provide strong evidence of their guilt. Among the accused, having British citizenship employee of the charitable organization Nazanin of Sagari Ratcliff, which in 2016 was sentenced to five years ‘ imprisonment.

In early June, Iran had arrested a prominent 60-year-old Franco-Iranian scholar, anthropologist Fariba Adela. It is also in Evin prison. The Iranian authorities did not report what she is accused. French media believe that we are talking about espionage. As he wrote Russian service RFI, friends and relatives of Delhi convinced that the Iranian authorities are effectively holding a scientist hostage to put pressure on France, who took on the role of a mediator in the talks between Tehran and Washington on the nuclear deal.

Arrest Kamila Ahmadi has occurred against the background of worsening relations between Iran and Britain after a series of incidents in the Gulf of Oman and the Strait of Hormuz. 13 June in the Gulf of Oman on the two tankers after alleged attack happened explosions and fires. The US blamed the incident on the Islamic Republic, Britain supported this position.

July 4 British Marines detained in the Strait of Gibraltar the tanker GRACE 1, command who is suspected of supplying Iranian oil to Syria in circumvention of the EU sanctions. In response to the Iranian ships on 9 July attempted to seize the Persian Gulf, the British oil tanker British Heritage. On 19 July, the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps detained in the Strait of Hormuz tanker under the British flag Stena Impero, accusing the team of violating international shipping regulations.

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