In Italy began a new eruption of mount Etna (impressive video)

В Италии началось новое извержение вулкана Этна (впечатляющее видео)

On the island of Sicily has started a new eruption of mount Etna, accompanied by a notable strengthening of seismic activity. It was recorded on Friday, the specialists of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Italy (Ingv), writes Ansa.

According to scientists, an earthquake of magnitude 3.3 occurred at 03.06 (04.06 Kiev) in the province of Catania on the Eastern coast of the Italian island of Sicily. The epicenter of the earthquake was at a depth of nine kilometers from the earth’s surface. Tremors were felt in the settlements of Milo, Zafferana Etnea and Sant Alfio, data on victims and destructions did not arrive.

Somewhat later, volcanologists have recorded an eruption of mount Etna, strombolian type. It was characterized by small explosions and strong ash emissions, in volcanic bombs and red-hot pieces of slag.

Since all these phenomena were recorded at high altitude, administration of the international airport of Catania ordered the partial closure of airspace over the city. In this regard, the airport will take only four flights per hour. The departure of the aircraft from the airport is not restricted and will be done according to schedule, but in the current situation, the probable delays.

Recall that Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe. On 14 July, the eruption of the so-called “new crater”, located in the upper part of the South-Eastern slope of mount Etna, accompanied by the ejection of hot lava, volcanic ash and fluctuations in the earth’s surface average power. Since then, volcanologists have recorded a few less strong eruptions, the most recent of these occurred on October 11.

In June 2013 mount Etna was added to the list of world heritage of UNESCO. In March 2017 during the next volcanic eruption in Sicily was wounded ten people.

As previously reported “FACTS”, in August on the Italian island of Stromboli, located in the Tyrrhenian sea near Sicily, active volcano of the same name. Due to the volcanic coast of Sicily was filled with sand, ash and other volcanic material that provoked the fire.

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