In Italy football coach was fired for “disrespecting the opponent” after scoring his team’s 27:0

В Италии футбольного тренера уволили "за неуважение к сопернику" после выигрыша его команды 27:0

In a really strange story were the coach of the youth team “Invictashark” Massimiliano Riccioni.

Football coach was dismissed with the phrase “in contempt of the enemy” – so the President of the club from Grosseto reacted to his team’s victory over the “Marina Calcio” with a score of 27:0.

Not many managers can say that they were fired after the victory, not to mention the 27:0.

In this guide, the winners expressed deep regret from such a major victory.

“We were stunned and deeply regret that our team defeated the rival with the score 27:0. It is not in the spirit of the values of youth soccer. The enemy is always to be respected, but today this did not happen”, – quotes the President of the club Paolo Brovelli Football-italia.

“As President, I sincerely apologize to the club “Marina Calcio”. I can confirm that our Board of Directors unanimously decided to dismiss the coach Ricchini.

Our trainers must not only teach the youth, but also to educate her. In this case this did not happen,” said Brovelli.

In turn, Riccini issued an open letter in which denies the charges against him of unsportsmanlike behavior of his team and lack of young players manifested human values.

“First of all, I would like to assure you that no one in “Invictashark” I never thought about how to humiliate or make fun of the enemy voluntarily, and that, in this case, the strong team played against the weaker teams. A few minutes after the start of the game we have scored a few goals, but it would be very humiliating to ask his team not to play the remaining 80 minutes. My guys played without a hitch, without a competitive evil, and it was a game with very little fouls and without warning. Realizing the situation, in the first half, I immediately went to the coach of the opposing team, to ask whether we can do something to help”, – quotes the expert

“Junior adults boys and well versed in situations. To play football and score 27 goals, if you do this in compliance with the rules and respect for opponents is unsportsmanlike. Sport competition is a confrontation, and I personally as the enemy, rather lost to be honest 27:0, than would lose with small goal difference, but knowing that you are the main character of the farce, not a football match.

In today’s case, I don’t believe there are any specific disadvantages. I have them (players – approx. sorry, but I and my kids respected them on the field and spoke without hypocrisy, and they, despite a lot of goals, has retained its dignity as the players, they tried until the end. The one who accuses me if he attended the game, would have an idea of how you folded over on the field,” he said Riccini.