In Italy have found a cure for coronavirus: the results are impressive

In Italy announced the result of the treatment of patients with coronavirus drug against rheumatoid arthritis “Tocilizumab” (Tocilizumab) produced by the pharmaceutical company Roche. This writes the “Observer”.

В Италии нашли лекарство от коронавируса: результаты впечатляющие

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The hospital began to request from the Italian medical Agency (AIFA) approval of this treatment plan. This was reported by Vincenzo Montesarchio, a specialist in infectious diseases at the hospital of Cotugno in Naples.

According to him, in weekend, March 14-15, four patients admitted to the hospital of Cotugno in Naples with a diagnosis of a coronavirus, was treated protivootecna drug “Tocilizumab”.

This was the result of a scientific experiment, the Protocol of which was approved at the state level. A total of 11 patients in Naples were treated not according to the purpose specified drug and the results are impressive.

“Four patients in the intensive care unit better. In the first patient we are waiting for the evaluation of intensive care before his extubation. Three of four patients who received “Tocilizumab” since Saturday has been received excellent response to the drug. They were not intensive therapy but was admitted to hospital in rather serious condition”, – said Montesarchio.

Other hospitals also reported a positive effect of the medication. Hospitals in Prato and Cosenza a few patients who were treated with “Tocilizumab,” went on the mend.

The experiment continued and in Puglia.

“Some patients infected with the coronavirus that has already started the introduction of the drug “Tocilizumab”, which in Naples has allowed three patients admitted to the intensive care unit to recover”, – said the head of the regional task force Pierluigi Lopalco.

In other regions also noticed a quick improvement of the patients after receiving a “Tocilizumab”. The company Roche has issued about 600 units of the drug in different hospitals of the country.

“The idea was born because we use immunotherapy for tumors and treat some side effects with the help of “Tocilizumab”. The mechanism underlying the disorder COVID-19, very similar to the mechanism of cancer treatment. We also talked with the Chinese doctors who had been treated for drug 21 patients, and 20 showed a significant improvement,” explained Paolo Acierto, President of the melanoma.

“The drug acts on the complication of this virus, that is, in inflammation which creates COVID-19. In short, it reduces the hyperactivity of the immune system which is the cause of respiratory failure”, he added.

The response from AIFA, can officially use the drug as a cure for coronavirus, has not yet been received, but the doctors hope that in the near future “Tocilizumab” approved for mass use.

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