In January, 23 of the 25 players had been ill, but the coronavirus not tested, – the player “Intera”

В январе 23 из 25 игроков переболели, но на коронавирус не тестировали, - игрок "Интера"

Romelu Lukaku

The forward “Intera” Romelu Lukaku suggests that the Nerazzurri players were able to contract the coronavirus before the quarantine.

While 26-year-old player of the national team of Belgium said that 23 players of the team of 25 something ill in January. All the players felt bad, but tests for COVID-19 has not been done.

“In December we had a week off, and then we went back to work. And then 23 out of 25 players was sick. This is not a joke. We played against Cagliari (January 26, 21-th round, 1:1, approx., and about 25 minutes later, one of our defenders left the field (Milan Skrinjar, 17 min, approx. He almost lost consciousness and could not continue to play – Lukaku is quoted by Football Italia.

“Everyone was coughing, threw in the heat during the warm-up a lot more than usual. I years not had the flu.

After the match we had dinner with guests from Puma, but I thanked them and went to sleep.

We passed the tests in COVID-19 at the moment, so we’ll never know what it was,” said Romelu.

Let us add that the first official case of infection with coronavirus in Italy was recorded on 21 February.