In Japan a toilet paper-coloring

В Японии появилась туалетная бумага-раскраска

In Japan, there were baby wipes in the form of coloring to draw on her offer faeces.

On paper, depicts a black-and-white illustrations: hamburgers, dinosaurs, bears, snakes, etc. With each child imagines himself Monet, Picasso or Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Toilet paper was created by Kleur, managing a kindergarten Clover Kids Lohas Centre in Tokyo. The main goal of “coloring” is to teach children to the toilet. It is reported that 70 % of parents experience difficulties, translating the child from the potty to the toilet. The company says that the ink used for paper, will not hurt baby.

Toilet paper for sale online for 500 yen (around 114 USD). The artwork on it, free download and print.