In Japan, despite a ban, was the tournament gathered on tribunes on 10 thousand spectators

В Японии, несмотря на запрет, прошел турнир, собравший на трибунах 10 тысяч зрителей

On March 22 in Japan, legendary for the world martial arts arena, Saitama Super Arena, despite the prohibitions of the authorities on sports events, held a kickboxing tournament K FESTA 3, full hall gathered ten thousand spectators and lasted almost a day, according to

Pandemic coronavirus is not as strongly influenced Japan to break long-standing patterns, according to which Japanese the County, as owner of the arena, a non-profit public organization “Third sector” – as the Manager, can make decisions, despite the position of the official Tokyo.

The authorities asked to cancel the event, but the only thing that went by the organizers, is to reduce the number of seats in the stands with 15 to 10 thousand. Also at the entrance all handed out medical masks and urged to abandon handshakes. The online tournament was watched by 2.5 million people.

If you take the sports community that the winner of the Grand Prix went to Kimura Minoru (27-9, 20 KOS), who won three fights and spent a record 4 minutes and 22 seconds.

Tournament 3 K FESTA was held as part of the Grand Prix K-1. As part of the show were seven major battles (and one backup), which involved 8 men.

We will remind, earlier it became known that the Olympic games 2020 in Tokyo will likely take for 2021.