In Japan for the 12 hours of the fire completely burnt the Shuri castle from the list of UNESCO world heritage sites (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

In Naha Japanese Prefecture of Okinawa burned the Shuri castle, which was built in XIV-XV centuries.

A fire in an incoming in the list of UNESCO world heritage castle, destroyed seven buildings, including the main building of the complex began last night around 02:40 local time (20:40 GMT Wednesday). As a result, burned buildings on a total area of 4.2 thousand square meters.

To eliminate the fire was only after almost 12 hours to 13:30 local time (07:30 GMT). No one was hurt. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

Many inhabitants of Okinawa came to see the fire, said the broadcaster RTVi. The mayor Mikiko Shiroma, who led the team on the emergency response, said that the incident became for him a real shock. “We’ve lost our symbol,” said a dejected mayor. Shiroma promised to do everything possible to save the remnants of the surviving part of the castle.

Shuri castle was built in the era of Sansan (1322-1429). For 450 years it was the residence of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

In 1945, during the battle for Okinawa, which killed more than 100 thousands of civilians, the castle burned down. The island was under US administration until 1972. In 1986 began the restoration of the historical complex, which was completed in 1992. Then the castle became part of the Okinawan state cultural reserve. And in 2000 the castle was declared part of the UNESCO world heritage site.