In Japan the scandal: a member of the organizing Committee of the Olympic games-2020 is suspected of bribing IOC representatives

В Японии разгорелся скандал: член оргкомитета Олимпиады-2020 подозревается в подкупе представителей МОК

Haruki Takahashi

In Japan, there was a scandal over possible bribes to members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), according to Reuters.

In particular, bribery is suspected the Japanese businessman and member of the organizing Committee of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo Haruki Takahashi, clarifies the issue.

According to the financial report, Takahashi received the sum of $ 8.2 million dollars from the Tokyo bidding Committee, which presented the application for the Tokyo Olympic games of 2020.

The businessman has confirmed receipt of payments, however, declined to give an indication of what the money was spent.

While Takahashi admitted that his work included lobbying of IOC members.

It is noted that Takahashi gave the ex-President of the International Association of athletics federations the Lamin Diak digital camera and wrist watch Seiko, but the Japanese functionary pointed to their low price, and said. his actions are not beyond law and ethics.

“When you meet people like deacon, you’re not coming with empty hands. It is a question of common sense”, – quotes the words of Takahashi edition.

2015 deacon is under house arrest after allegations of corruption. In particular, the former sports officials suspected of receiving bribes in the amount of $ 2 million for successful the vote for Rio de Janeiro as the capital of the XXXI summer Olympic games.

The investigation is carried out on the subject of that bid Committee Tokyo could give Diack 2.3 million dollars to enlist his support with the selection of capital of Olympic games 2020.

Olympic games in Tokyo was postponed because of the pandemic coronavirus.