In Japan, two elite varieties of persimmon sold for $5 thousand

В Японии две хурмы элитного сорта продали за $5 тысяч

Two unique persimmon variety “tenkamusou” was sold in Japan in store Matsuzakaya for 540 thousand yen (about $4.8 thousand).

Writes with reference to the sales representative branch of Gifu Prefecture Japan Federation of agricultural associations ito Yoshiyuki, the main cause of the incredibly high cost of persimmon is the uncanny sweetness – if the normal berry sugar content is equal to 15-16 degrees on a scale of BRICs, the “tenkamusou” he’s 18, and directly sold in two fruit sugar is more than 25 degrees.

“They are nice to have – they are quite hard and crunchy, like Japanese pears,” concluded ito Yoshiyuki.

It is reported that breeders have developed elite varieties “tenkamusou” for 11 years, and only in 2017, it came on the market. Weight of one fruit is equal to 300 grams.