In Jennifer aniston for 30 years, secretly in love with popular TV presenter?

Interesting news arrived from the United States. According to the tabloid NW, in Jennifer aniston has long and hopelessly in love with a famous dancing TV host Ellen DeGeneres.

В Дженнифер Энистон уже 30 лет тайно влюблена популярная телеведущая?

Jennifer aniston and Ellen DeGeneres are familiar for a long time ― 30 years for sure. Aniston was then an aspiring actress, DeGeneres has performed in clubs with stand-up. Before the show “Ellen” and the TV series “Friends” was still a few years.

The girls quickly become friends “do not spill water”, frequently chatted on the phone, met for coffee and discussed their complicated career dynamics.

This friendship actress and TV presenter has managed to preserve and carry on throughout life. Even now, when Ellen was 61 years, and Jen is 50 years old, they often come to each other’s homes, take the wine and all night talking about matters of the soul. However, according to the anonymous insider, which published the NW portal is not very satisfied wife Ellen, actress Portia de Rossi.

“Portia is not happy, to say the least. She always have doubted about their marriage ― and now even more worried,” said anonymous.

Moreover, an insider revealed that Portia is jealous of Ellen to Jennifer and accuses her that she always had a crush on the actress. But once de Rossi and DeGeneres even got in a fight over aniston, so much so that Ellen left home for a while.

Note that in the past year, similar messages have been circulating in the press. Then an anonymous insiders reported that Portia in the categorical form has demanded from aniston to stay away from Ellen.

However, Gossip Cop refutes the rumors. The portal, which specializiruetsya on debunking myths in show business, reports that DeGeneres has never had any romantic feelings for the former “Friends”star.