In Kazakhstan the fight on ethnic grounds, which killed eight people

Eight people were killed and 40 injured during the riots in the Zhambyl region in southern Kazakhstan. Local authorities reported that the cause of the mass brawl became a household conflict, which was “translated into the inter-ethnic plane,” the BBC reported.

В Казахстане в драке на этнической почве погибли восемь человек

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The fight began on Friday evening on the outskirts of the village of Masanchi street inhabited mostly by members of the ethnic Dungan minority.

“In the riots 40 participants received injuries and gunshot wounds. Eight people from injuries, unfortunately, died. In the performance of official duties… injuries received by police officers, including two gunshot wounds,” said on Saturday the Minister of internal Affairs of Kazakstan Erlan Turgumbayev said.

He also said that police arrested 47 people, were seized two hunting rifles.

The incident had damaged 30 private houses, 15 commercial units and 23 car.

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin signed the order about creation of the governmental Commission on liquidation of consequences of the incident in Kordai district of Zhambyl region.

В Казахстане в драке на этнической почве погибли восемь человек

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The usual fight or ethnic conflict?

Kazakh authorities blame the incident provocateurs who tried to imagine a domestic fight, as the ethnic conflict. The reasons for the fighting are not yet known.

According to Turgumbaeva, initially, the conflict was attended by about 70 people. “At the same time provocateurs and witnesses of the conflict filmed and through instant messengers and social networks urged citizens to illegal actions. This led to the escalation of the conflict… From neighboring towns arrived, about 300 people,” — said the Minister.

“Bullies used metal objects, stones, firearms. Later conflicts were also covered auhatty and the village of bulan-Batyr. On the perimeter of settlements and driveways, on the roads and was charged with the checkpoints”, — he added.

This version adheres to the Minister of information Dauren Abaev: “the tragedy Occurred, people died. Unfortunately, this became possible, including thanks to the provocateurs, who incited to transfer domestic conflicts in inter-ethnic plane.”

What happened in the village of Masanchi

Residents of the village of Masanchi told the reporter of Radio Azattyk (Radio Liberty in Kazakhstan) that the riots were at least in five villages of the district.

According to residents, on Friday evening, several hundred non-native men came to the settlements, burned houses, shops, smashed cars, attacked the villagers.

The head of the Association of Dungans of Kazakhstan Husa Dauria told the KazTAG Agency: “To 5.25 riot police from Almaty, the military arrived and immediately took control of the whole situation. But they did delay the whole day. If the day ago networks already has it, if they did, God forbid, we would have avoided this disaster and saved the human life. But now, thank God, the riot police are now on every us street corner, in every village and controlled the situation.”

It is known that on Friday afternoon, police stopped close to the neighboring Masanchi village of Sortobe car. The driver tried to escape, and when police caught up with him, relatives of the offender pelted a police car with stones. It is unknown whether it is connected somehow with the subsequent fight.

Social networks also spread a version that the conflict achalasia after Dungan beat several men of the Kazakhs.

After a fight in the village a lot of people crossed the border with Kyrgyzstan, the guards stepped mode of operation. The press service of the Kyrgyz Ministry of health, RIA Novosti reported that about 20 people went to the hospital, 10 victims were hospitalized.

Who are the Dungans?

Dungan — people in Kyrgyzstan, South-Eastern Kazakhstan and Eastern Uzbekistan. The descendants of the Chinese who migrated to Central Asia from China in the second half of the nineteenth century due to persecution by Chinese authorities. Profess Islam.

Masanchi is considered one of the centers of Dungan Diaspora. According to the 2009 census, lived in the village 90 percent of the Dungans, 5 percent of Kazakhs and 5% Russian.