In Kiev, a woman went into labor during a speech Serduchka

В Киеве у женщины начались роды во время выступления Сердючки

In the Palace “Ukraine” in Kiev on 13 November was the show “an Evening with the Prime Minister Ekaterina Osadchaya”, the headliner was Verka Serduchka. During her performance one of the fans started labor pains. This is the website JetSetter.

The woman had to take to the hospital directly from the concert hall.

Meanwhile, during a speech Serduchka, who has not appeared in concerts, introduced a new song in English “Make It Rain Champagne” (translation — make the champagne to gush forth the rain). It was a world premiere of a fresh hit recorded in the Studio in the Swedish capital Stockholm.

Especially for performances in Kiev, Andriy Danylko took his famous costume with a star on the head, which is kept in the Stockholm Museum of Eurovision. In it he went on stage of the international song contest in 2007.

The track is still not represented officially, so to hear him still in the Amateur video from the concert.

The audience did not let the artists Serdyuchka Band and twice called them out for an encore.