In Kiev I noticed a man who was walking on a leash leopard

В Киеве заметили мужчину, который выгуливал на поводке леопарда

Looks like real leopard settled in one of the high-rise buildings of Kiev. Now the neighbors have to be always on the alert, fearing for his own life.

So, in Kiev near the Botanical garden, at the intersection of nazarovskiy and Leo Tolstoy, noticed a man who probably walked a little leopard.

This was reported by the zooprotective organization UAnimals on the page in Facebook November 15. The organization urged the maximum spread information about the animal and the men in the photograph, and also to report the new details to law enforcement agencies.

“Passers-by in Kiev noticed a man, who authentically walked the leopard. This form can not and should not be Pets. Furthermore, leopards are dangerous animals and such “walking” pose a threat, like a leopard, and passers-by,” said the animal.

However, some users in the comments suggested that photographs distort the image, so it was walking in the capital, not leopard, and cat breed Asher.

“These are the pictures I took, it’s definitely not a cat Asher,” retorted the comments the author of the Sergey Sadovskiy.

В Киеве заметили мужчину, который выгуливал на поводке леопарда

But as it turned out, the leopard and its owner live nearby. Thus, it became known that on the evening stroll bred “kitten” — 3-month-old girl. The leopard lives with her three-year-old mother, but for a walk in the city adult”cat” are not displayed.

By the way, to keep wild animals at home is prohibited by order of the Ministry of environmental protection of Ukraine On approval of Procedure of keeping and breeding wild animals in captivity or semi-free conditions.

Interestingly, at present, 19 of the 50 States have already imposed a ban on exotic animals as Pets, including the leopard. On average, leopards live 22 years in captivity, so the owner of the leopard will have to sacrifice himself in this life — he completely subordinates himself to his pet. Animal trees for climbing and swimming pond.