In Kiev noticed goats grazing in front of the Ministry of foreign Affairs

В Киеве заметили пасущихся коз у здания МИДа

In the center of Kiev saw two goats that were grazing on the lawn near the building of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

About it reports “Today”.

Published in social networks photo clearly liked users. Some Kyivans jokingly wrote that foreign Ministry officials came for lunch, and someone joked that the appearance of animals in the capital due to the adoption of the law on the sale of land.

“And they say that Ukraine has lost glory of the agricultural state. This is true, if in the center of the capital peacefully grazing goats,” wrote Stas Dmitruk.

In fact, two goats grazing on the lawns in the centre of Kiev, is a neighborhood landmark. They have been living in the heart of the city in one of the houses on the street Alla Tarasova, near the prestigious hotel. Kiev often see them grazing on the lawns of St. Michael and St. Sophia squares and in the square at Vladimirsky passage.

Their owner takes goats and is driven home in the evening, treating Goodies on the way. According to him, milk gives only one goat. The second is still very young.

“Return of the goats home turns into a real show. Many people want to Pat them, especially the children. Especially stop with them so everyone could take pictures. Goat is not always in the mood to chat, but sometimes allow themselves to be pet,” says the owner of the animals.