In Kiev, the collapse of utility bills due to quarantine

In the capital of Ukraine because of the quarantine, there was a collapse of the payments for municipal services.

В Киеве обвал коммунальных платежей из-за карантина

This is reported in the KSCA, reports Liga.

“The overall level of payment for housing and communal services in Kiev on 27 March reaches 80%. Compared with February, the people of Kiev paid 15-20% less,” – said Advisor to the Deputy head of the KSCA Yulia Competent.

It is clarified that this amount is a minimum of five years.

For example, in February in Kiev were paid 95% of utility bills.

It is reported that most of the non-payment of fees in Kiev suffered “Kievteploenergo” exporting home waste. In the enterprise sank, the level of payment to 73%, which is 17% less than it was in February.

The Kyivvodocanal and Zhekov payment level fell from 90 to 75 percent.

The DTEK argue that to talk about the level of payments for electricity yet.

“The payment period is not yet closed, the data is still there,” – said the press Secretary of the company Marina kluchkovskaya.

At KCSA say that such low level of payment is not yet critical. However, according to forecasts, the situation may deteriorate already in April 2020

“Today there is a wide range of services where you can pay utility bills from home. In my opinion, is the best way to avoid queues and crowds in Bank branches and post offices,” – said Deputy KSCA Peter Panteleev.