In Kurapaty near Minsk rally on the occasion of the day of remembrance of ancestors ‘Dziady’ (PHOTO)

The Belarusian opposition was held on Sunday authorized the action, timed to the Day of commemoration of the ancestors (Dziady), reports TASS.
The column, which includes several hundred people started the March from the center of Minsk (the area of the Park Chelyuskintsev) to the tract Kurapaty on the outskirts of Minsk, place of mass graves of victims of Stalinist repression. Here, according to different estimates, were buried from 30 to 200 thousand people.

Ahead of a column participants of the rally carried banners, posters and streamers.

Prohodilo procession under the white-red-white flags and coats of arms “Pursuit” that was once the state symbols of Belarus and currently used by opposition forces as attributes of the confrontation policy of the authorities. The action was observed by the police, without impeding the procession.

In Kurapaty memorial meeting was held, which was addressed leaders of the Belarusian opposition. The event was organized by the Conservative Christian party – Belarusian popular front, it was attended by activists and other opposition forces.