In London, a million people demanded a new referendum on Brexit (photos, video)

В Лондоне миллион человек требовали проведения нового референдума по Brexit (фото, видео)

On Saturday, October 19, the House of Commons of the British Parliament dealt another serious blow to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. As already reported “FACTS”, it was attended by deputies at an emergency meeting that they approved the draft of a new Treaty with the EU on Brexit, which Johnson, with great difficulty managed to agree on 17 October at the summit in Brussels. For the first time since 1982 the House of Commons met on the Sabbath day, and underscores the importance placed on the agenda of the question.

However, before the vote, it never came. Opponents of Johnson, and this group is very numerous and heterogeneous (it and the labour party, and representatives of Northern Ireland, and part of the conservatives who do not like the Brexit), managed to hold the so-called “amendment Letwin”.

В Лондоне миллион человек требовали проведения нового референдума по Brexit (фото, видео)A member of the house of Commons Oliver Letwin, whose amendment disrupted a Boris Johnson plans

It was prepared by MP Oliver Letwin. The essence of the amendment is that it prohibits the House of Commons to consider any agreement with the EU Brexit as long as the Parliament does not adopt internal laws governing the UK out of the EU. Letwin explains the importance of this order of consideration of questions the need to avoid “natural divorce” with Brussels.

This turn of events, obliged Johnson to request the Union to provide a new delay for Brexit. Recall that in early September, the British Parliament passed a law that established strict deadlines for the government. Johnson had until October 19 to submit a new draft agreement on Brexit, as agreed with Brussels. It seemed impossible. But the British Prime Minister coped with this task! But the law set another condition. The draft of the agreement to October 19 was to approve the Parliament in London!

Johnson before Saturday’s meeting of the house of Commons declared that never will be asking Brussels about the new delay. “I’d rather rot in a ditch!” said the Prime Minister.

However, the amendment Levina drove Johnson, if not in the ditch, it’s a dead end. And he found a witty way out. Following the provision of the September law, the British government sent on 19 October a letter to Brussels in which still stands the request for deferral of Brexit until the end of January 2020. That’s just his signature under this letter Johnson did not put!

He signed a second letter that went to Brussels the same day. In it, Johnson assured that will not leave attempts to conduct harmonized with the EU a draft agreement through the British Parliament. He expressed confidence that he can do it, and Brexit will be held on 31 October 2019, as he promised all three months of his Premiership. Next, Johnson asked the EU in any case not agree to a new extension. Here are excerpts from his second letter:

“Although I would prefer to get a result today, the government early next week will continue to insist on the ratification and then will bring all the necessary documents. I’m still convinced that by October 31 we will complete this process.

The European Council is entitled to grant the request, which insisted Parliament, or to suggest an alternative for the delay. But from the moment I became Prime Minister I made it clear that further delays will harm the interests of the United Kingdom and its European partners, as well as the relationship of the parties.

We need to complete the process to finally take the next step and start building a new relationship, the Foundation of which will be our long history of friendship and good neighbourly relations on the continent”.

Johnson says that he is ready on Monday for discussion in the House of Commons the draft laws mentioned in the amendment Litvina. And he needs the support of Brussels, which can be expressed in only one way — a refusal to grant a new deferment for Brexit. The Prime Minister believes that the withdrawal of Britain from the EU is inevitable. And it should be implemented as soon as possible, to then start working on developing new rules for the coexistence of the Kingdom and the European Union. And it’s really a long process.

It was also the third letter. Beneath it is signed by sir Tim barrow, who is the permanent representative of great Britain in the European Union. It explains everything, for those who in Brussels would become entangled in the current situation. Barrow stressed that the request for a continuance is derived solely from the Parliament and the government sends him for the execution of the letter of the law. The value is only the second letter.

But Johnson and this was not enough. The British Prime Minister on Saturday evening made a few phone calls. He talked with the leaders of almost all countries of the EU and personally explained the situation with three letters.

В Лондоне миллион человек требовали проведения нового референдума по Brexit (фото, видео)Famous actor Patrick Stewart took part in the mass protests of opponents of Brexit

While Johnson and his Cabinet members tried to oppose in Parliament the opponents of the agreement with Brussels, in London held a mass action. She has collected at least a million people. They all require the holding of a second referendum on Brexit. Among those who walked with the demonstrators, was a popular actor Patrick Stewart, the famous rock musician Bob Geldof, the mayor of London Sadiq Khan and many other celebrities.

It is noted that the event has become one of the most popular since the first referendum in June 2016.

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