In London in the house that was hit by that car explosion (PHOTO)


В Лондоне в доме, в который врезалась машина, произошел взрыв   (ФОТО)

This morning in southwestern Ontario firefighters continue to fight a large fire, which was caused by crashing into the house, the car, causing a powerful explosion and fire.

London police said the collision happened Wednesday around 11 p.m., and investigators believe that the car damaged a gas pipe that led to the explosion.

Police said that in the time of the accident the house was empty, but in connection with the incident in the hospital was delivered to seven people, most of whom were later released.

There is information that one firefighter is in the hospital in serious but stable condition, and two police officers were sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

Police said that the fire is still in the active stage and spread to several nearby houses, and residents of about 100 homes in the area were evacuated.

It is reported that the woman who was driving, is in police custody and suspected of driving in an inadequate state, but no charges had yet been filed.

Police said that the investigators will have to work on a scene for several days.

Kira Lynn Douglas (Keara-Lynn Douglas) told me that she was watching TV around 11pm when I felt that her house shook.

She said that I drove a few blocks to the scene of the explosion and saw a bright orange flame that engulfed several houses.

Douglas said that one house was completely destroyed, lay scattered the fragments, and that this scene made her and other witnesses to tears.

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