In London registered a case of disease caused by vaping (PHOTO)

В Лондоне зарегистрирован случай заболевания, вызванного вейпингом  (ФОТО)

On Wednesday, representatives of the local Department of health reported that the teenager from London was diagnosed with a severe form of respiratory disease that result of vaping.

The representative of the Department of health region Middlesex-London has not provided any additional details on this fact, which is considered the first officially-confirmed case in Canada, but said that further information will be published at a press conference at 2pm.

The health Canada recently issued an appeal to the smokers of electronic cigarettes to monitor symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath and chest pain. It also States that health workers need to ask patients whether they use e-cigarettes, and if they have symptoms of respiratory diseases.

The health authorities of the United States to investigate the cause of the strange growth in the number of respiratory-related diseases vaping in recent months. They had identified 380 confirmed and probable cases in 36 States and one territory, including at least six deaths.

News about the London case there was only a few hours after the Minister of health of the province ordered that all public hospitals reported associated with vaping cases of pulmonary diseases.

Christine Elliott announced that she is increasingly concerned at the possible consequences of vaping for health, especially among young people, but the province is not going to statistics to understand the seriousness of this problem.

Elliott said that the data will be crucial as the government is discussing the problem with experts, identifying solutions to potential threats of vaping.

Alberta also initiate legislation to require health workers of this province to report suspected cases in accordance with their law “On health care”.

The Ministry of Health of British Columbia said last week that they are preparing to implement a series of preventive measures to combat this problem, including education and awareness programmes in the framework of the reduction strategy in the province the number of young people who have vaping.