In London sell paintings chimp

В Лондоне продадут картины, написанные шимпанзе

In London The Mayor Galley for sale 55 paintings, which in the 1950s was written by a chimpanzee named Congo.

Each work will cost 1,500- £ 6,000, according to the publication It’s Nice That.

The current owner of the work — a 90-year-old zoologist and artist Desmond Morris. From 1956 to 1959 he was teaching Congo to draw and create paintings. This is what he wrote about 400 works, and now Morris decided to sell almost all creations of the Congo, remaining in his collection. Imagine Morris will leave only one favorite picture.

Morris has worked with several monkeys, but, according to him, Congo mastered creativity the best. At first, he simply brushed the piece with pencils and pastels, and then learned to put the shapes mostly circles. Congo also learned to understand the symmetry and aesthetic balance of the paintings.

В Лондоне продадут картины, написанные шимпанзе

Popularity came to Congo with the airing of the series “Time for animals” in which Morris has demonstrated creative achievements of chimpanzees. Also his work has been shown at exhibitions. When ten years of Congo died in 1964, his fame has not stopped growing: paintings by chimpanzees bought Pablo Picasso and Juan Miro.