In Los Angeles, anyone can take the test for coronavirus

In the state of California, in Los Angeles, every citizen can pass the test of COVID-19, regardless of whether he has symptoms or not, writes “Voice of America”.

В Лос-Анджелесе любой желающий может бесплатно пройти тест на коронавирус

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The city opened a few dozen passes of testing points where you can do the test for free.

Ukrainian Svetlana Vidinovski works as a family therapist in Los Angeles. Of symptoms women have, but she wanted to know if she had to be asymptomatic coronavirus infection. Since the city authorities announced that the test for COVID-19 can pass all the inhabitants, Svetlana decided to take advantage of this opportunity.

For this it was necessary to send the application form on the official website, there you can select the date, time and place.

“I signed up for this test in two minutes,” — said Svetlana.

“Hold in your hands a document-confirmation and continue to move in this direction”, — the volunteer turns to Svetlana.

The so-called pass points test don’t need to get out of the car to preserve social distance, also here everything happens according to strict rules. Volunteers directing people.

Svetlana got 20 minutes to two times to watch the tutorial video. Then the volunteers asked her to open the window. The machine suitable employee with the test.

— What is your name?

— Svetlana Vidinovski.

— Have you seen the instructions?


Passing on to the next volunteer and it shows that the time to take the test.

First, you need to cough 5 times. Then hold the cotton swab in the mouth and drop it in the tube. After that, the volunteer is asked to put the tube in the package. The next stage is to pass the package. Here all also happens to be the observance of safety measures: take a special test sticks-tongs without any contact, put in a special box and wish you a good day.

“My impressions are very positive. Everyone was amazingly friendly,” — says Svetlana.

Although the result of the analysis and promised to send 3 days later, Svetlana was waiting for him a week. Finally comes the long-awaited response — coronavirus there.

Now these points in Los Angeles there are more than 40, on average, make 21,000 tests per day.

“The result is negative. First, it’s free. Secondly, it is easy to register, we waited in the queue, but that’s okay. Now I got a test and apologies for the fact that it was sent at the wrong time. It was all very easy and pleasant”, — says Svetlana.


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