In Los Angeles the man lied about the mass shooting: the reason for the strange joke was unexpected

22-year-old man made a false warning of a mass shooting at the fair in Pomona, Los Angeles, to avoid a trip with his parents.

В Лос-Анджелесе мужчина соврал о массовой стрельбе: причина странной шутки оказалась неожиданной

Photo: Facebook/LA County Fair

Eric Villasenor sent an email to the Association of County fairs in Los Angeles with a warning that someone is planning to hold a mass shooting Sunday at a fairground site.

“It would cause chaos and excitement and is sure to be covered in the mass media”, — told reporters the chief of police Pomona Michael Olivieri. — Then he could use this as a strong argument for their parents not to go to the fair”.

In conversation with the authorities Villasenor allegedly admitted that his email was about.

According to reports, Villasenor, who lives with his parents, at the moment is held in the Pomona city jail on bail of $ 20,000.

County fair Los Angeles is a monthly festival in Pomona, which annually attracts thousands of visitors. According to the Los Angeles Times, the organizers recently spent $ 200,000 to enhance safety on fair platform after the recent mass shooting in July at a festival garlic Gilroy, where a gunman killed three people and wounded several others.

In different States in recent weeks there have been several mass shootings in public places. In late July, shooting was arranged in new York, which killed one man, and in Gilroy (CA), killing three.

August 3 in Texas, man opened fire in the Walmart supermarket, which killed more than 20 people. This day is the deadliest day in the history of the state.

Soon the shooting occurred in Dayton, Ohio — then killed nine people. Who were the victims of the arrow Connor Betts — nine people, including his own sister, read here. It turned out that he was still in school was to “list of victims” who were brutally wanted to kill.

“Honey, I just got shot in the head” — these words of a dying mother of two fatally shot during a shooting in Dayton managed to say to her husband, calling him on FaceTime. After about a minute the woman was gone. Details of the tragic story here.

That same night a fire was started in Chicago.

Donald trump invited the Ministry of justice to develop the law on the death penalty for crimes motivated by hatred and mass murder.