In Louisiana male arson of three churches ‘for the love of music’

22-the summer inhabitant of Louisiana Holden Matthews pleaded guilty to the arson of three African-American churches. He said that he set fire to them to promote the music of black metal. About it writes BBC.

В Луизиане мужчина поджог три церкви ‘из любви к музыке’

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From March 2019 Matthews set fire to three Baptist churches in the town of OPELOUSAS. He faces 10 to 70 years in prison. Matthews pleaded guilty to several charges.

Federal prosecutors did not specify whether these crimes are done out of racist motives, but Matthews, among others, pleaded guilty and crimes of hate.

Matthews, the son of the assistant of the Sheriff’s office, set fire to the Church, as opposed to religion, reads the statement of the Prosecutor’s office.

“His disgusting act, he violated the civil rights of the parishioners and caused damage to their communities,” said Deputy attorney General of Louisiana.

What is confessed Matthews

Matthews pleaded guilty to four Federal charges, including the premeditated infliction of damage to the building of religious significance.

As stated by the Prosecutor’s office, all three set on fire the Church burnt to the ground. None of the parishioners did not suffer as Matthews set fire to the Church building last night.

In court, Mathews said that he set fire to the Church building because they wanted to emulate the Norwegian fans of music of black metal, set fire to the Church in 1990.

Then in Norway were set ablaze at least 50 churches. Among others, prison was sentenced musician Varg Vikernes, star of black metal and the participant of neo-Nazi and neo-pagan movements.

Matthews also played in a band black metal. As he told investigators, he was convinced that the arson would raise his status among the fans of this music.

He acknowledged that he posted photos of the fires in Facebook, trying to raise his popularity among black metallers. Holden Matthews was arrested two weeks after the first fire.