In Mariupol, the cops broke a passerby’s leg and opened it against production

В Мариуполе копы сломали прохожему ногу и открыли против него производство

In Mariupol police broke his leg the man who was blocking the drive their car. Reporters found that “FRaly”, then against him, opened the proceedings.

Video of the incident posted on the social network local resident who witnessed the cops trying to knit a passer-by. These footage shows how police officer hooked one leg men, he fell and broke the other, according to TSN.

The witnesses protested against such actions of the police and threatened to call the Prosecutor’s office and SBU, but the patrol continued to arrest the men and explained that he rushed under the wheels.

Another video was shot from the eighth floor of the neighboring house. It shows that the person is just standing behind the patrol car, and after a few seconds the other car ran from the cops and without warning began to wring.

Local residents said that in the yard sat a company that allegedly drank alcohol. Residents of nearby homes called the patrol, and when they detained a man from the company, by as was an inhabitant of the neighboring house. He decided to stand up, for which he paid