In may sharply increased the number of jobs in USA: the most popular spheres

In may of 2020 more than 1.3 million workers returned to eating places, dramatically increased the number of new jobs and decreased unemployment, writes Fox News.

В мае резко выросло число рабочих мест в США: самые востребованные сферы

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The US economy added a staggering 2.5 million jobs in may, and the unemployment rate fell to 13.3%, said the labor Department on Friday, may 29, indicating more rapid than expected recovery after an unprecedented quarantine due to the coronavirus.

“Today was recorded a shocking number of jobs — and for the first time this year it was a positive shock, said Chris Zaccarelli, investment Director at Independent Advisor Alliance. — Very encouraged by what the employers think about workers, and the unemployment rate fell in may”.

According to the labor Department report, the greatest progress has taken place in the industry of leisure and hospitality, which in may added 1.2 million jobs. In April, the industry most heavily affected by the HIV epidemic, lost 7.5 million jobs.

More than 1.3 million workers back into the sphere of public catering — one more devastated by the pandemic sector — because the States gradually allowed “optional” businesses reopened. However, the hotel industry is still slow in the past month, this sector lost another 148 200 jobs.

“These improvements in the labour market reflect a limited revival of economic activity, which was curtailed in March and April due to pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) and efforts to contain it,” — said in a press release from the Department.

In may, the construction industry was added 464 000 new jobs, while trade, transportation and utilities had created a whopping 368 000 new jobs. Dealers added 84 700 jobs.

In education and health appeared to 424 000 jobs, of which 312 400 was spent on health care. In dentistry 244 added 800 jobs after the reopening of clinics. In the field of services for child care has increased 44 400 schools are still closed. The hospital lost more than 26,000 jobs.

In the provision of professional and business services added 127 000 jobs.

Clothing stores added nearly 95,000 jobs, and the stores of General goods — 84 000 jobs.

But the growth was not observed in all sectors of the economy: the biggest losses occurred in government, which lost 585 000 positions, because the States are faced with a shortage of income. State governments decreased by 84 000 jobs and local governments lost 487 000 positions.


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