In memory of the deceased brother: Joaquin Phoenix with his family and loved the presentation of the music album

In Hollywood, the presentation of a new musical album older sister’s 45-year-old Joaquin Phoenix, rain. New album 46-year-old Rhine has devoted who passed away 26 years ago brother river and named the album in his honor — River.

В память о погибшем брате: Хоакин Феникс с семьей и любимой на презентации музыкального альбома

Despite his busy schedule, movie star “the Joker” (Joker) couldn’t miss this party. At the event there was a mother of Joaquin and the Rhine, Arlene. She and her daughter performed for all the songs from the new album.

To support the family of Joaquin Phoenix came and his 34-year-old bride Rooney Mara. At the party she appeared in the company of his older sister Kate, who is five months ago for the first time became a mother. Just with Kate Rooney and posed the invited photographers, and Phoenix was acting out of habit and detached in order not to attract the attention of the press.

Recall that the death of his brother river had a strong imprint on the fate of Joaquin Phoenix. Budding aspiring actor died at the club from a drug overdose at the end of October 1993. The tragedy happened in front of Joaquin and his sister rain. They did river artificial respiration and managed to call an ambulance, but to save the young man failed.

In interviews the boy repeatedly told that it is unlikely that it will ever be able to fully realize what happened, and also admitted that more than anything, wants only one thing — to talk again with his brother. By the way, the official release of their new album Rhine Phoenix will be held at the landmark date — 31 Oct. On this day 26 years ago, river passed away.