In Michigan a man won the jackpot of $2 million due to seller’s mistake

Lucky from Michigan broke the two-million jackpot in the lottery after the seller at a gas station made a mistake and gave him the wrong ticket, which paid for the buyer, writes the Huffington Post.

В Мичигане мужчина сорвал джекпот на $2 млн из-за ошибки продавца

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In the suburbs of Detroit at a gas station the buyer has not sold the lottery ticket he was going to buy. As a result, he won $2 million.

The man stopped at a gas station in Eastpointe, Michigan, to pump up the tyre on his car.

Between times he asked me to sell him a lottery ticket Lucky 7 for $10.

The seller mistakenly gave him a ticket, which cost twice the price. The man decided to keep it.

“The seller mistakenly gave me a ticket for $20. He offered to exchange it, but something told me to leave the ticket. I’m glad I did it!” — announced the winner in a statement issued on 14 July, the representative of the lottery.

The winner’s name is not called, it is known that he is 57 years old.

According to lucky, he decided to receive a lump sum payment of approximately $1.3 million instead of $2 million installments over several years.