In Minnesota, a woman with a child got in the pond with alligators to get the purse

The woman got into the pond with the alligators together with their little son, who roamed freely alongside dozens of reptiles, while she tried to get his wallet. At it in horror, a group of other children, says TMZ.

В Миннесоте женщина с ребенком забрались в пруд с аллигаторами, чтобы достать кошелек

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A wild scene played out in the Safari North Park in Brainerd, Minnesota: the stunned audience watched as mother and son risk life and limb in order to get a purse.

The same wallet was in the middle of a small pond filled with alligators. And the child really wanted it back.

The boy came back without a wallet and mother climbed into the pond to get him out. The only smart move she did was try to divert floating alligators long enough to get your floating wallet.

Fortunately, mother and son survived, so all laughed over how someone’s child shouted “d***mo happens to you”, summarizing the outcome of the incident.

But zoo staff wasn’t funny.

It turned out that the Park staff knew nothing about the incident until videos became viral. The incident really bothered. Sources report that the Park wants to press charges against a woman for endangering a child if it identificeret.

Also, the zoo management said that the Park placed fences and warning signs: not just for humans but animals.