In MISSISSAUGA in the Parking lot lit up the car, the lovers of stunt (PHOTO)

В Миссиссаге на парковке загорелся автомобиль любителей трюков  (ФОТО)

Like someone need to explain that you should not destroy your own car at the same time risking a fine of $ 10,000 and be publicly humiliated, but the police once again reminds citizens that stunt cars do only losers.

On Wednesday evening, the regional police Saw fire on Twitter after it was reported that the car Park in MISSISSAUGA the car in circles in the drift (read: intentionally causes it to spin).

As a result of actions of the driver of the sedan caught fire. Police said the car in flames, tried to escape from the scene but far failed. It is reported that those who were inside, left (presumably stolen) car and ran away.

“We understand that everyone wants to prove that MISSISSAUGA is burning, but probably that’s not what they had in mind,” wrote police spokesman Drank about 8:30 last night, adding Emoji with the facepalm and GIF, showing distrust.

“If You were the driver of this freshly burned-out sedan, the police would like to talk with you. We have some questions. A lot.”

Of the victims in connection with the incident was not reported, but police are still investigating… and to post messages on Twitter.

“Cars designed to drive on roads, and not to perform tricks,” he accused police Saw an unknown driver in the third comments.

The law “On road traffic in Ontario”, says that stunt driving, when the “vehicle is manufactured in a manner that indicates an intention to force it to spin or rotate on the spot, without having control over it” is a serious crime.

This means that anyone caught cutting circles risks losing the vehicle and your license for seven days and also receive a minimum fine of $ 2000, if it happened for the first time.

For subsequent offences with strukovym driving, the fines can reach $ 10,000 plus a six-month prison term and deprivation of rights for two years.