In Moscow shot multiple world champion on Thai Boxing

В Москве застрелен многократный чемпион мира по тайскому боксу

Ashot Balyan

Famous Armenian sportsman Ashot Balyan was shot Wednesday night in the South-West of Moscow, reports “Sport-Express”.

Bolena corpse was discovered near the house on Nakhimovsky Prospekt. Bolena was shot dead near his car “infinity”.

40-year-old Bolan reached great heights in Thai Boxing. He has three times won the world championship in Thai Boxing under version WPKA, world championship and world Cup in Thai Boxing under version IPMTF, the Asian Cup on a kickboxing under version WPKA, and became 17-fold champion in the other international tournaments.

He also holds a unique record in speed strikes: for the second Ashot Bolan fired 11 shots, of which 8 arms and 3 legs.

In 2004, Bolan moved to Russia and ended his career. Recently, he led the Department for sports of the world Armenian Congress, was the President of the world Association of Armenian sports federations and heads the Department of sports of the Russian and Novo-Nakhichevan diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

In Sledkom the Russian Federation did not exclude that the death Bolena connected with his commercial activities, according