In Moscow there was a scandal because of lip augmentation cat. To business joined Yuri Kuklachev

В Москве разгорелся скандал из-за увеличения губ кошке. К делу подключился Юрий Куклачев

In Moscow scandal from-for cruel treatment of animals.

The media published the message that in one of the capital’s beauty came a woman with a cat. She was asked to augment the lips the animal with botulinum toxin — in simple words, demanded to pump up her lips with Botox.

“Animals also must be beautiful. I want all the cats she’s also like, what’s the problem?” — outraged the client is refusing the provision of the service animal.

To protect the cat, which was wearing a bow and leash pink, rose, another visitor of the salon. She grabbed the animal and didn’t want to give him until the police arrived. Mistress cat is angered she lashed out and to the client of interior, and the administrator then took the animal and fled.

Media speculated that the incident could be a staged prank. However, many reacted to the precedent with the utmost seriousness.

“The Muscovites from the bubble is already blowing my mind. To evict everyone in the Pskov [the area] and get to work on potatoes and cow”, “Poor cat … Let the brain imagine a better increase,” he started to write the Russians in comments under the news.

Soon responded to the incident, the Director of the Moscow Theater cats Yuri Kuklachev, according to Life.

The trainer noted that in this pursuit of beauty hides a maniacal desire unhealthy person to intervene in the very nature of a living being. He added that to talk with such people willing to take up the gun.

В Москве разгорелся скандал из-за увеличения губ кошке. К делу подключился Юрий Куклачев


Do not share Kuklachev and the decision of the owners of the cats the complete removal of the claws, together with the phalanx instead of having to buy them for carding wood and time to cut the sharp edge. He does not endorse and castration of animals — Kuklachev is sure that you just need to patiently teach the cats to the tray.

“I think it’s animal abuse. “Green” we need to engage these people, their mentality, if they are already up to such insanity to pussy lips to increase it. Enough with the idiocy! It is impossible, I’m against it. I, along with the “green” ready to take a gun and go to talk to them, with these people…” — expressed his opinion of the artist.