In Moscow used to torture detainees at the meetings, the authorities banned the rally on 17 August


В Москве применяют пытки к задержанным на митингах: власти запретили проводить акцию 17 августа

Wednesday, August 14, in Moscow was held a public meeting of the Central election Commission (CEC) of the Russian Federation. It promised to be the head of the CEC, Ella Pamfilova. It had intended to invite to meeting of all journalists writing about the upcoming elections to the Moscow city Duma and claiming that the Moscow electoral Commission wrongly refused to register as candidates a number of people, objectionable to the Russian authorities. Pamfilova said that the conversation will be detailed and reasoned.

However, the conversation did not exist. Meeting either abolished, or moved. Member of the Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) of the CEC Roman Kolomoitsev said: “Advanced expert Council with participation of members of the R / V is cancelled, I understand that due to the fact that many holidays are”. He expressed hope that the meeting will be held next week.

Meanwhile, before the vote is less time. It is scheduled for September 8 and will be held in General election Day. Russian authorities continue to exert all possible pressure on Moscow residents who are trying to Express their dissatisfaction with the fact that they were deprived of the right of choice. We will remind, since July in the Russian capital every Saturday held mass protests. And every Saturday the number of participants increases. And every Saturday law enforcement tougher and tougher.

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Authorities accuse the protesters that they are violating the law on mass events. The range of punishments for such actions is very wide — from administrative arrest and a fine to imprisonment up to 15 years! Find other ways of putting pressure on dissidents. It was reported, for example, about the couple that tried to deprive of the parental rights because they came out the day of the protest on the street with their one year old child! Other protesters are now being unexpected inspections by the tax authorities. People seek out debts on loans, the alimony, utility bills and threatened with confiscation of property.

Human rights media project “OVD-info” reported that on 27 July in Moscow there was set the record for detentions: 1 373 people were in police stations. On Saturday, August 3, in paddy wagons took 1 001 man. On August 10 in connection with the shares for fair elections in several cities of Russia detained at 275. Police and soldiers Regardie take everyone — journalists, foreign tourists, the sick and women.

Indicative in this sense are two egregious case. Documentary filmmaker Dmitry Vasilyev became the thirteenth detained in Moscow on the case of so-called mass riots. It took 9 August. Dmitry came home the security forces and said that he wanted. Then he was taken to the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) for questioning. According to the lawyer Vasilyeva Tatyana Prilipko, Director, who suffers from diabetes, had remained at the investigator from midnight until half past four in the morning. The investigator took his insulin and glucometer.

Dmitry fainted twice. Had to call an ambulance. The doctors insisted on hospitalization, but employees SKR have refused. Vasiliev sent in remand detention. There he again became ill without the necessary insulin. In the end Dmitry is still in the hospital. There were reports that he fell into a diabetic coma, but prylypko denied this information. The lawyer said that it was not allowed to Vasiliev, even though she has every right to meet his client.

After 48 hours the TFR was forced to release the Director from the jail, because the court refused to issue a warrant for the arrest of the patient. From the hospital Dmitry was discharged. Is currently at home where he has everything he needs to maintain blood sugar levels. However, the status Vasiliev is not known. In the TFR declining to speak, closed a case against him or not. By the way, the Investigative Committee claims that no insulin and glucometer in Director is not taken, and the medical assistance he allegedly provided immediately.

Meanwhile, 13 Aug Tagansky court of Moscow was going to consider the administrative case against participants of the protest action on 10 August to the 26-year-old Daria Sosnowski. The meeting was postponed because Sosnovskaya were not on it. Girl’s lawyer Tatyana Molokanova said that Daria is feeling very unwell.

Sosnovskiy accused of violating the rules of holding mass events. It is threatened with the administrative penalty from 10 to 20 thousand rubles (from 3 to 7 720 860 UAH), or up to 40 hours of compulsory work. What the authorities want to punish Daria? On August 10 she tried to stand up for the detained lame man. The incident occurred on the street Zabelina in Moscow. Sosnowski was outraged by the rude actions of law enforcement officers towards the disabled.

After she made the police a loud remark, they ran to Daria, grabbed her hands, twisted them behind his back and dragged Sosnowski in the direction of the paddy wagon. She tried to escape. One of the policemen dropped a rubber bludgeon, and he in the hearts of hit girl punched in the stomach. When Daria was bundled into a paddy wagon, hit her on the head.

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After questioning she was released. She went to the doctors. From Sosnowski was diagnosed with closed craniocerebral injury, brain concussion and a bruise of soft fabrics of a head. From the hospital she refused.

Video beating Sosnowski spread through all the social networks. In defense of the girls made tens of thousands of Russians, including many celebrities. People need to prosecute is not Daria, and police officers who used force. The Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia has initiated an internal check. But while in office sway, the journalists identified the policeman who had slapped Sosnowski in the stomach. Sergei Tsyplakov. He served in the fifth battalion of the second operative regiment of police GU MVD in Moscow. The Ministry is now denied.

The company was ready again to go out to protest on 17 August. However, the city authorities refused to coordinate its implementation. In the mayoralty of the Russian capital said that this day is already scheduled another event. It would be run by the Communist party of the Russian Federation. The Communist party rejected the so-called “informal opposition” in the conduct of the joint action.

The so-called libertarian party of Russia (LPR), which is an unregistered political Association, filed an application for holding 25 Aug March from Strastnoy Boulevard to Sakharov Avenue followed by a rally on the inner side of the Avenue. Response from the authorities yet.


By the way, August 10 on the stage before the rally was made by the famous writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya. She read a soulful poem to the authorities. Ulitskaya urged not to pursue those who choose to exercise their constitutional right to peaceful protest.

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