In new Jersey for the first time will show the performance of the Solomon Mikhoels in Russian

February 29, viewers in new Jersey will see the first performance of “the Last role of Solomon Mikhoels” — the story of the arc of creative life, of passionate love and tragic death of the great Jewish actor Solomon Mikhoels.

В Нью-Джерси впервые покажут спектакль о Соломоне Михоэлсе на русском языке

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Solomon Mikhoels — part of the great Russian Jewish culture, Director of State Jewish theatre, theater teacher, people’s artist of the USSR, as well as a prominent public figure, the first Chairman of the Jewish anti-fascist Committee, which gathered for the defense of the homeland in the Jewish communities of North America $33 million.

Tickets for the show can be purchased at the link.

A play by the great actor wrote the playwright Zinovy Sagalov. There are only two existing characters: he Mikhoels and his second wife Anastasia Pototskaya, but how much you can learn about them and the era in which they lived, of the dialogues and monologues of memories and reflections!

“Zinovy Sagalov born playwright! When I first turned the play then unknown author after reading a dozen pages, I immediately dialed the phone and said, “Yes! Like. It should be put. Such with me never happened”, — said about the playwright of the Soviet Director and actor Sergei Yursky.

Sagalov is a member of the writers ‘ Union of Russia and International Federation of Russian writers. On account of his 15 published books and over 20 plays which have been staged by theaters from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, USA and Israel.

В Нью-Джерси впервые покажут спектакль о Соломоне Михоэлсе на русском языке

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Stage reading of the play performed by professional actors Alexei Trubetskoy and Valeria Root with extensive experience in leading Moscow theaters.

Root works on TV since I was 13. Besides her work still writes poetry and studying music. She is a member of the American society of poets, has written 5 books of poetry and prose, and 1 Roma. During his musical career he released 4 albums.

Trubetskoy was a childhood dream of becoming an actor. And at age 13 got his first job in the theater. At the age of 15 was accepted into the Studio of Mark Rozovsky and became the youngest student. For over 20 years Alex lives in new York and travels the U.S. and the world, presenting a variety of plays. In addition, he also managed to star in several films, American and Russian Directors.

Play “the Last role of Solomon Mikhoels” was staged by the graduate of GITIS, talented Director Arnold Shvetsov. Shvetsov as Director and actor worked in many theatres, both Russian and American. Staged productions of the works of famous writers, his work is well known in the American and Russian audience.