In new York 2022 forbidden to sell foie Gras in restaurants and shops (PHOTO)

At the beginning of 2022 in new York will come into force a ban on the sale foie Gras. This legislative initiative was approved by voting of the city Council. Voting “for” in favor 42 of the 51 members of the Council of new York.

As explained by the newspaper The New York Times the author of the initiative Carlina Rivera , the ban is aimed primarily against the forced feeding of geese or ducks for making foie Gras from their livers. “This is one of the most brutal procedures used for manufacturing only luxurious delicacy,” explained the member of the Board. Also, opponents of foie Gras say that force-feeding causes harm to the liver of the animal.

The producers of foie Gras say that the geese and ducks fill their stomachs with food during migration. A bird swallows its food whole, and their stomachs stretched, and after the diet, the liver comes back to normal. Cases of forced feeding are rare.

The ban comes into force three years after approval. In the final version of legislation the penalty for the sale of foie Gras has been doubled to $2 thousand, however from the text of the document is excluded to the maximum punishment is a year imprisonment.

According to The New York Times, foie Gras is served around 1 thousand restaurants in new York. This bird bred in the farms of Hudson Valley Foie Gras and La Belle Farm in Sullivan County, which employs almost 400 people. The first company kills about 800 ducks a day and last year sold foie Gras for a total of $15 million.

A similar ban was enforced in California in 2012, but in 2015 it was canceled. However, in 2019, the ban was again in force after the Supreme court rejected the appeal of the producers of foie Gras. Chicago ban on foie Gras was introduced in 2006, but after two years of restriction on sale is removed.

Foie Gras is produced now only in five European countries – Belgium, France, Spain, Hungary and Bulgaria. The authorities of Belgium in the summer of reported that from 2023 in the Kingdom will be officially banned the forced feeding of geese for the production of foie Gras and breeding of animals for their fur. In some regions of Belgium, including in Brussels in 2017 already banned the production of this delicacy.