In new York ended the ‘Week of Russian cinema’: the memorable festival

In new York on Friday, December 13th, the premiere of the film “Text” directed by Klim shypenko. The picture closed the festival “Russian film Week”, organized by the film Studio “ROCK” and the Foundation “the Cherry orchard”.

В Нью-Йорке завершилась 'Неделя российского кино': чем запомнился фестиваль

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“We wanted a dignified end of Week movie by putting, in our estimation, the most ranked and popular among the viewers of the film and at the same time so serious and deep like “Text”, and we were not wrong — the tickets are all sold out, said in an interview with TASS co-founder of the festival producer Irina Chassis. — Although, of course, the public interest is not only the painting itself, but also starring Alexander Petrov, who is present at the show below at the end to communicate with the new York public.”

Addressing the audience, Alexander Petrov said that to date, the film “Text” and looked in total more than 2 million people. In his opinion, the main message of the tape is in need of some change in Russia.

“I wish it was impossible to put a drug in the pocket of the man and put him in the seven years since the hero of the film,” he said.

The actor believes that the film “Text” to “can somehow help each citizen of the Russian Federation — that he realized he was protected and he at any moment can get drugs just because he is someone unfavorable, because it should be.”

“The number of viewers that have already watched this movie, shows that the topic is important: people want to think about it, I want to draw attention to these things and watch this movie — said Petrov. — Although the story could happen in any country”.

The text is adapted for

One of the American film studios engaged in the production of the film Text for the adapted script writer Dmitry Glukhovsky. This Alexander Petrov told the audience after the premiere of the Russian version of the eponymous band in new York.

“Film “Text” shypenko and about Russia and about today as a whole, he said. First the film rights of the novel that Dmitry Glukhovsky sold, is owned by Americans. They, along with Glukhovsky rewrote the script under the American reality. The film is now in the United States in the production of is quite a serious film”.

“We lost the rights to show our movie in English in any country of the world, including at festivals, — said Alexander Petrov. If we wanted to buy those rights back, we would have had to pay an amount several times greater than the budget of the film. Perhaps it would allow the picture to be present on the international arena, would give some awards, but maybe not. So that kind of money producers to risk did not, and rightly so.”

A crime drama and psychological Thriller Klim shypenko — a novel by the best-selling Text writer Dmitry Glukhovsky, released in 2017 and translated more than 20 languages. Glukhovsky himself adapted the novel into a screenplay.

In wide release film shypenko went on 24 October 2019 and has already recouped its budget, becoming one of the most cash Russian films of 2019.

“Russian film week”

During the “week of Russian cinema”, which was held in new York from December 6, has been shown 18 films. Among them is the Comedy “let’s divorce!” (2019), which opened the festival drama “Odessa” (2018), “Bull” (2019), “Lenin” (2019), the action-Thriller “the Hero” (2019). To submit a picture came themselves Directors and stars of Russian cinema — Rinal Mukhametov, Aleksey Serebryakov, Taisiya Vilkova, Alexei Guskov, Anna Parmas, Vladimir Khotinenko, Aleksandr Gorchilin.

The festival was held at three sites in the metropolis at the School of visual arts in Manhattan, Lincoln center and Symphony space on Broadway and is not limited to new York. At the end of the week, together with Director Sergei Rain and actor Alexei Serebryakov, who played a major role in the film “van goghs” (2018), the festival goes to present a picture of the inhabitants of Boston (Massachusetts), Seattle (WA), San Francisco (CA), Chicago (Il) Denver (co).

The first festival “Russian film Week” in new York held in 2018.