In North Carolina, a man with his bare hands fought off a shark attacked his son

16-year-old boy who visited the Outer banks of North Carolina with his family, is recovering from injuries received as a result of a shark attack on Thursday, June 28, writes CNN.

В Северной Каролине мужчина голыми руками отбился от акулы, напавшей на его сына

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Nick Arthur leapt over the waves on a sandbank in 25 feet (7.5 metres) from the shore, when suddenly started to scream.

“At first I thought that he shouts for joy and then I looked at him and saw a shark,” said Tim Arthur, the boy’s father.

According to the father, the shark grabbed nick’s thigh and wouldn’t let go.

“He shouted: “Get her away from me! Let me out!”, and I began to act, ‘ said Arthur.

The father said that his daughter swam to shore, while he and his son wrestled with the shark. The man kicked a shark near her nose, and the boy beat her hand. The shark let go of nick’s thigh and tried to bite his hand, but he was able to swim away.

Arthur’s family visited the national seashore of Cape Hatteras, arriving there from his home in oak ridge, North Carolina.

According to the national Park Service, Nick was taken to hospital near Nags head, where he was treated for injuries. According to the father, the boy had about 40 teeth marks on the thigh, and he got 17 stitches. On his arm was scraped.

Arthur said that his son was covered in bruises and is experiencing soreness, but he’s in a good mood, and luckily there is no damage that could affect health in the future. He said that the family will not abandon trips to the beach, but probably won’t go that far.

“You always think it happens to someone else,” said Arthur.