In Northern California was the first case of coronavirus of unknown origin

Center for control and disease prevention in USA (CDC) said Wednesday, February 27 that the first case of coronavirus of unknown origin was confirmed in Northern California. This writes Fox News.

В Северной Калифорнии зарегистрирован первый случай коронавируса неизвестного происхождения

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“This confirmed case. In Northern California there is a”, — said the representative of CDC Scott Poly.

The number of infected in the United States has reached 60, including people who were evacuated to the United States. The CDC said that people from Northern California was infected by a virus, not leaving US and not coming into close contact with other infected.

This news comes when the fear of the virus continues to spread worldwide, prompting governments to take extreme measures.

The US President Donald trump said that the vaccine against the coronavirus has already been developed. He announced that he appoints a Vice President Mike Pence is responsible for the target group coronavirus.

“Everything that we did, the risk for the American people remains very low, — said trump told reporters. We are ready to adapt and ready to do everything what you must.”

This week County of San Francisco and orange declared a state of emergency to prevent new infections. The leaders of orange County also publicly supported the proposal of the leaders of Costa Mesa to block the placement of infected patients in their city.

According to the latest data on 27 Feb worldwide 2810 people have died from the coronavirus, and 82 550 people fell ill.

The latest news and everything you need to know about the outbreak of a novel coronavirus from China, read the special ForumDaily “Chinese coronavirus”.





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