In November in the United States, together with the new President, you may receive the 51 state

Puerto Rico November 3, will hold a referendum about joining the USA as the 51 state. This writes the “Observer”.

В ноябре в США вместе с новым президентом может появиться 51 штат

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It will be held simultaneously with the presidential election in the United States. This was announced by the Governor of the state Wanda Vazquez on his Twitter page.

“It is time for 3.2 million American citizens living in Puerto Rico, to stop being last in the queue. Full equality,” wrote Vasquez.

The form for voting will be listed only one question, is it necessary to immediately make Puerto Rico part of the United States. The results of the referendum must be approved by the U.S. Congress.

Puerto Rico has its own Constitution, legislative, Executive and judicial branches of government. The relationship with the US is the presence of common citizenship, currency and defense, according to Wikipedia.

In the absence of a clear legal framework for the status of the territory being discussed on the island, in the United States and the United Nations. In 2000 by President bill Clinton created a special Commission on the status of Puerto Rico. In its report, the Commission confirmed the current status and recommended to provide the citizens of the island the right to self-determination.

It was assumed that under this procedure, the Puerto Ricans will choose one of three options: consolidation of the current status, entry into the United States on the rights of the state or independence. The corresponding bill was introduced to Congress.

In 2012, took a two-step referendum on the status of Puerto Rico. In the first stage, Puerto Ricans voted for a change in political status — for voted 54% of the electorate. 6 Nov 2012 the second phase of the referendum, which determined the political structure of the country, the transformation of Puerto Rico into the 51st state of the USA was supported by 65% of voters, while 31% voted in favour of a archipelago the status of a sovereign associated state in the Union with the United States. Only 4 % supported full independence of the territory.

According to others, 61,15 % of the population voted for annexation to the United States, 33,31 % — for making the archipelago’s status as a sovereign associated state in the Union with the United States, and 5.53 percent voted for independence.

In 2017, held a second referendum on the political status of Puerto Rico. The referendum offered three choices: joining the United States on the rights of the state; freely associated territory or an unincorporated organized territory. For entry into the USA as the 51 state voted more than 97% of Puerto Ricans, 1.5% — for the status of a freely associated state, and 1.32% were in favor of maintaining the current status of unincorporated organized territory. While the turnout at the referendum was extremely low: the turnout was only 23%, in particular boycotted the peoples democratic party, who opposed the annexation to the United States.

At that time the Governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rosello said that the United States must take into account the outcome of the referendum and to do the will of the citizens of Puerto Rico, however, the representatives of the Republican party of the USA declared that will not change the status of Puerto Rico. In addition, the U.S. Department of justice argued against the holding of the referendum.




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