In Oklahoma, a 7-year-old child was bitten by a dog that his family took from the street

A 7-year-old boy was bitten by a dog just 3 weeks after he was found abandoned by the side of the road. The Independent reported on the family tragedy in more detail.

In Oklahoma, a 7-year-old child was bitten by a dog that the family took from the street

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James McNeillis died on October 20 after being attacked by a Sheltie dog corgi.

The family was alarmed and reported the loss of their son when he did not return home from a walk. The boy had previously gone outside to play in the backyard, where the animal is believed to have attacked him.

The parents called the child to dinner, and when he did not answer, they called the police. In a post on the GoFundMe page created in memory of James, his mother Hanna Marklee wrote: “On October 20, 2021, Michael and Hannah found their little boy crippled in the backyard.”

Family neighbors in Keifer, Oklahoma, said they sent emergency patrol vehicles to find the boy, but his parents eventually found his body.

“We realized something was wrong when heard a terrible scream “, & # 8211; said family neighbor Shannon Edison.

The dog is now being held in an animal control facility, but it is unclear whether it will be euthanized, writes the Daily Mail.

” We feel lonely and lost without him. We do our best, but it's just very hard. Without my little boy, my whole life has turned into pain ”, & # 8211; Father wrote in his post.