In one of the carriages of the trains of “Ukrzaliznytsya” on the walls grew giant mushrooms

В одном из вагонов поезда «Укрзализныци» на стенах выросли гигантские грибы

The state company “Ukrzaliznytsya” never ceases to amaze the lack of service and disgusting conditions in which people go. Ukrainians have long been accustomed to draughts from Windows, poorly cleaned toilets and other “charms” of travel in public trains. That’s just mushrooms still was not there before.

In the compartment of the train Zaporizhia-Berdyansk grew mushrooms. Wrote about this on his page in Facebook passenger trains Yegor Kletsov.

“Twenty-first Century. Ukrzaliznytsia. The train Zaporizhia — Berdyansk” — a signature left by the author. In addition, Yegor suggested that “when the publication comes to TIES, they will say that it is in Russia…”

The photo shows how straight the car from under the carelessly plastered with foam window frames grew mushrooms right next to the table.

Netizens with humor reacted to this publication. In the comments many have begun ironically to discuss the suitability of the mushrooms for consumption and not whether the carrier takes them for additional cost.

“Very similar to black edible mushrooms, but hard to see”, “the composition of a walk, and a basket to collect🤣”, “And say that this year no mushrooms”, “Mushrooms to trip was truly unforgettable,” commented the photo users.

Others began to point out shortcomings of “Ukrzaliznytsya” in other areas.

“Mmmda, and I the Prussians surprised the train Nikolaev-Kharkov…), Yesterday went on the train Kherson-Kiev-Kharkov! The toilet seat to the toilet seat cover is dedicated screws! And tip up!” — they wrote.

Incidentally, according to the “Ukrzaliznytsi”, on the balance sheet 4.5 thousand passenger cars in working condition – less than 3 thousand. More than 50% of them are second-class wagons, which are used as common.

“But really on the go for about 2 thousand cars, the depreciation is 86%, their average age 28 years”, — says the expert on transport of the public organization “Euro-patrol” Vyacheslav Konovalov.